At International Living, we believe firmly that you don’t have to be wealthy and well-connected to lead a more interesting, international life full of adventure and travel. You simply need to know how to do it. And there’s nobody better positioned to show you than the experts at International Living.

Since 1979, we’ve been pointing our readers to the proven strategies and insider tricks that make a good life abroad easily achievable, even without a fat bank account. Each month for four decades, we’ve delivered International Living (a print magazine) to our subscribers’ doorsteps.

Every issue is full of eye-opening ideas you won’t find in the mainstream, all designed to help readers—

  • save money,
  • make money,
  • travel better,
  • live more comfortably,
  • retire in style,
  • and enjoy a life full of adventure and fun.

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What Subscribers Say

Readers are impressed when they see for themselves what we have to offer—and they regularly write to say as much, like these folks…


Our Massive On-the-Ground Network Makes All the Difference

We tell readers about destinations they won’t learn about anyplace else, like Atlantic beach towns that take you back in time…

We know an expat living in one we recommend, for instance, who says, “There are few places on the planet where you can buy or rent oceanfront property as cheaply as you can on [this coast]. My wife Rita and I have a large (2,129-square-foot), four-bedroom, four-bathroom condo on the upper floor of a modern building, with views of the ocean from every room. There’s 24/7 staff, hot tub, pool, sauna—the works. If we had bought on the California coast, in an area with comparable weather, we would have paid five times as much or more.

In a foodie’s paradise in Southeast Asia we’ve told readers about, dim sum stalls beckon and one expat says, “We wake up every morning to sunshine, blue skies, and sea views. It’s an easy way of life; it’s laid back…and we don’t want for anything. But it is still exotic and exciting.” And it’s affordable. For about $2, you can get a top-class noodle dish served on a banana leaf, or a whole steamed red snapper for under $10.

Or how about an arts-rich bohemian haven full of cafés and concerts? In this place, it never snows and the air is comfortably spring-like year-round. And this is a place where you could live large for less.

A local expat describes his life this way: “Maid, gardener, pool guy… I haven’t done laundry in five years. We live high on the hog, and we live in Paradise—for $1,750 a month.

All over the planet, you’ll find hidden gems—spots that rarely, if ever, earn even a passing mention in the popular press. It’s not surprising.

Almost no publications bother to keep outposts abroad anymore. The quality and scope of international news coverage—and our understanding of and empathy for the world—has suffered for it.

But here at International Living, we remain faithful to our network overseas. In fact, rather than shrinking our commitment to on-the-ground coverage abroad, we’ve grown ours in recent years.

We spend more than $850,000 annually to keep “boots on the ground” all over the planet. And we use those boots to tromp around until we uncover real opportunity—for better living, enjoyable adventure, good-value investment, surprising pleasures, and profit, too.

We do this because we believe that a life lived richly isn’t the prerogative of wealthy gadabouts alone.

You needn’t be moneyed to enjoy treasures on offer overseas. You simply need to know where to find them. And in the pages of International Living magazine, we show you.

International Living Shows You How to Enjoy All the Comforts and Conveniences of a Wealthy Retirement—on as Little as $30,000 a Year

Think about it: Lots of people muse about retiring to places like Scottsdale, AZ or Naples, FL. It makes sense—the weather there is warm year-round and the diversions are attractive. But in places like those, you’ll need to drop some serious coin to live well. In Naples, for instance, rent alone on a two-bedroom home on the water costs $4,000/month—or more.

But in the overlooked places we tell our subscribers about in International Living, the sun shines year-round and you’ll find plenty to occupy your time. Plus you could cover ALL your expenses for about half what you’d pay on rent alone in many well-known retreats.

In the places I’d like to tell you about, a budget of $2,500 a month is plenty to bankroll a life where you might choose to live with a view of the ocean, among dramatic mountain peaks, or even in an arts-rich, cosmopolitan city…

Maybe you’d take a jaunt through Europe every year…eat out five days a week…employ a housekeeper and gardener…enjoy theater performances and concerts…

You might even winter over on a sunny island…

It may sound like a fantasy, but I’d like to show you how it’s done. It’s not complicated. It’s just that the average Joe has no idea it’s possible.

The reason why is no mystery. Most of what we hear about retirement is ominous: Your nest egg isn’t big enough. Be prepared to work longer, save more, and scale back your plans.

But there’s a better way, a retirement strategy almost nobody talks about that lets you turn a modest nest egg into a luxury retirement—and you don’t have to save another dime to take advantage of it.

Whether you’re interested in traveling in a richer way without spending more…retiring overseas…spending part of each year abroad…investing for profit outside your home country…or simply vacationing in a new wayInternational Living delivers the secrets you need to live a millionaire’s lifestyle on as little as $30,000 a year.