The Greatest Retirement Town You've Never Heard of

(And Six More You Should Know About)

You could have a cottage on a quiet beach… An apartment in a vibrant city with a great café culture… A mountain hideaway where the air is crisp…

And live the good life…on a Social Security check alone…

Dear Reader,

Finally, some good news about retirement…

Despite these uncertain—and trying—times, we know that planes will fly again, the joy of travel will return, and we'll spread our wings once again. When that happens, you'll want to know where to go…

Because it turns out there ARE still places where you can afford to kick back and enjoy life in your "golden years"…where you don't have to be wealthy to do it.

Live the good life, on your Social Security check alone
Discover a retirement town where you can live the good life…on a Social Security check alone…

Seems like much of what we hear in the news is how people aren't saving enough to retire on comfortably…how health care costs are rising and how the system is unable to cope. Now, with the pandemic layered in, the markets are volatile and small businesses suffering. When this all passes, the retirement landscape—to call a spade a spade—is going to look even more discouraging for some folks than before.

But there's a solution almost nobody talks about.

A solution that will allow you to reclaim your retirement and live very comfortably, no matter how much savings—or how little—you have.

The Social Security Administration reports that more than half a million Americans have already taken advantage of it.

And you could, too.

If you're concerned about how you'll fund an enjoyable life in the years to come, you should know…

You've got a lot more options than you may realize…

Places where the climate is better…where there's more to do…where you can make your retirement dollars stretch…

These places exist…many of them in locales that will knock your socks off.

Let me show you what I mean…take a favorite of mine…

An Outdoorsman's Dream Retreat…

It's a sunny mountain hideaway where the hiking is spectacular and you can garden, bird watch, ride horses, raft and fish in the rivers, and simply enjoy the great outdoors.

I'm talking about Santa Fe in Panama which isremarkably affordable…$3 will buy you lunch…you can walk out of the market with a sack of fruits and vegetables for just $5…and you can rent a home from $475 a month. But it's just one of at least 7 great options your have…

A Vibrant University Town…

Maybe you like the idea of a college town…a place where there are plenty of cultural offerings like concerts and museums.

A vibrant university town
Cuenca, Ecuador, a vibrant college town hosts over 200 cultural events every year, including jazz and blues concerts, art exhibitions, and craft fairs.

I know just the one…the exciting, vibrant college town of Cuenca, Ecuador. It's the kind of community where you can take a cooking class or learn to make cheese. Where you can shop at excellent farmers' markets, eat at top-notch restaurants, stroll along a river walk where the banks are nearly overflowing with flowers.

In Cuenca, the boutiques sell lovely items produced by local artists…and there are great cafes where you can grab a cup of coffee…

A Pacific-Coast Beach Town…

Pacific coast beach towm
Or maybe you'd like to rent a swank place right on the ocean with great views from $750 in the Pacific beach town of Salinas, Ecuador.

How would you like to live on the coast where the surfing is good or where you can snorkel and sail?

In Salinas, Ecuador there is a long, wide stretch of sand that comes complete with excellent restaurants and well-appointed high-rises—you can rent a condo for $500 a month within an easy stroll to the water. A swank place right on the ocean with great views can be yours from $750.

And you can own a spacious 3-bedroom, 3-and-a-half bath, two-level penthouse apartment with panoramic sea views for just $249,000—on the sand in a building with a pool and gym.

This community has been called the "world's least-expensive beach resort." But I'm willing to bet you've never even heard of it or if you have you might have overlooked it.

As one local resident—enamored with the year-round good weather put it…

Fresh fruits and vegetables are always in season, so whether it's strawberries or asparagus, it's just the same and just as fresh whether it's May or November. Our coldest nights of the year rarely dip under 70 F, and our warmest days are usually under 90 F. Most of the time it is the same old 80s F during the day, the same old 70s F in the evening.

In Miami, you could easily spend $5,000 per couple to live a comfortable lifestyle. But in this unsung community, $1,500 to $2,000 will do the trick.

There's no question…Salinas, Ecuador is arguably one of the most under-appreciated oceanfront escapes on the planet…but it's just one of at least 7 great options you have…

In these little-known destinations—and four more I'd like to tell you about today—you could live well…even better than you do now…for less than it would cost you to stay home.

Watch Your Nest Egg Expand…

My name is Jackie Flynn, and the organization I lead is well-respected for the ground-breaking research and work we've done over the last four decades on the subject of retirement.

You may not know us, but publications like the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and AARP contact us when they need an expert opinion about alternative retirement solutions and the places where retirees can get the most bang for their buck.

Just think about it…

How much more enjoyable would your life be if you knew that at the end of every month you'd have twice as much money in your pocket as you do now?

What if instead of paying $1,312 for your monthly health-insurance premium, it could be $180?

What if you could trade in that $600-a-month golf club membership for $200 country-club dues?

7 Great Retirement Towns You've Never Heard of… Where You Can Live Better for Less

What if instead of paying a housekeeper $130 to clean for half a day once a month… you could have somebody reliable and friendly, tidy and even cook for you once a week all month long for just $75?

I'd like to tell you where—and how—all that is possible in a special report my team has released called 7 Great Retirement Towns You've Never Heard of… Where You Can Live Better for Less.

In fact, I'd like to give it to you today on the house.

Claim Your Comlimentary Research Report Right Here

I'll tell you how to get your copy in a moment. But first, let me ask you a question…

If Money Were No Object, What Would Your Dream Retirement Look Like?

Maybe you see yourself sitting on the beach…or in a mountain escape…or an apartment in a big city, right in the exciting thick of things…

Maybe you always mused about having a lakeside getaway. Or it could be Pacific Coast cliffs you see in your mind's eye…

Whatever you imagine, keep that idea front-and-center for a minute.

Because you should know: Even though a comfortable retirement in America isn't a given today…in the right places overseas… it CAN be.

In our hyper-connected world, it's so much easier than ever to stay connected no matter where you go. It used to be that only the very wealthy could afford to jet set around the planet. And only they had the resources to figure out where to go.

But even though travel isn't on the agenda right now, we know that with new routes and increased airport capacity over the past few years, many more places are so much easier to access. And once there, it's easy to stay connected with family and friends back home.

You can be in a coffee house in a small village in the Andes and have internet access that allows you to read the New York Times online. You can be in your living room with the Caribbean out your window, and have U.S. college football playing on your television. You can be sitting literally with your toes buried in the Pacific sand and from the iPad on your lap, talk with—and look at—your friends and family back home in real time.

Once planes take to the skies again, the world will be full of possibilities for comfortable (and affordable) living in places where you couldn't have lived so well even 10 or 15 years ago.

Your Timing is Perfect Right Now

We inhabit a truly international world…and there's never been a better time in history to get your plans in place to explore, embrace, and enjoy it.

You hear about one world in the papers and on the news… it's a world of crisis…economic hardship…war…scandal…politics. You know the old adage: If it bleeds, it leads.

But there's a whole other world out there I'd like to introduce you to. A world full of opportunity…and possibility. Communities set in beautiful landscapes…where the people are welcoming and friendly. Places where—because it's so much more affordable to live—you don't have to work so hard or so long.

Places where you can control what your life looks like. Places where every day can be an exotic adventure…

If you know where to go, you don't have to be rich to retire well…to retire with the confidence that you won't outlive your nest egg.

In the right places overseas, you can count on excellent, caring—affordable—healthcare that'll see you through in good form…

You can enjoy a retirement where you have the funds to relax, to travel…to do some good…

In these places I'd like to tell you about—beautiful, welcoming, simpler, saner places—you can create the retirement of your dreams for $1,495 a month… or even less.

Fortune magazine has said this overseas solution—taken in the right places—can be "a way to double your retirement dollar." 1

According to the Associated Press, it "can help make even a modest retirement income stretch further." 2

Kiplinger's Personal Finance proclaimed it "might be the perfect plan." 3

In 7 Great Retirement Towns You've Never Heard of… Where You Can Live Better for Less—you'll find out where, today, you could make it your plan…

We'll show you how to upgrade your lifestyle…

Just like two retired school teachers I know have done. They'd had enough of the classroom grind and of grading papers. So for less than $100,000, they bought a house they love, tucked into a lush rural valley along a rushing river. (The kind of spot you'd pay half a million for in Montana—if not more.)

Their housing is paid for, and they live quite comfortably on less than $900 a month. They're able to garden…relax…take their days as they come. And they retired a decade earlier than they ever could have Stateside.

Patty Flan and her husband Roy tell a similar story. They, too, are happily settled in a good-value haven overseas. And they say:

We live in a nice high rise condo overlooking the ocean. Even with two spoiled cats in need of gourmet food and our love of eating out with friends, we enjoy a very comfortable lifestyle—even more luxurious than we had in California.

Including rent, their budget is $2,000 a month.

Cindy Prince, 56, is a semi-retired freelance writer who lives very comfortably with her husband in the friendly, good-value university town you'll learn about in 7 Great Retirement Towns You've Never Heard of… Where You Can Live Better for Less.

She says, "I could never go back to the U.S. The prices just rattle my brain."

My point is: You don't have to be wealthy to take advantage of opportunities beyond our borders.

At home, your retirement options may be fewer and fewer today…but in the right places overseas, they expand…

In the places we recommend, you can retire comfortably on what for some people would be a car payment back home.

It means you could retire early…

Enjoy the comfort of knowing you won't outlive your nest egg…

Even buy that second home you figured you could never afford…and spend the cold winter months in a warm-weather haven you love…

These are communities where you can make friends…where it's easy to keep in touch with family and friends back home…where you can access good healthcare…enjoy life…

Places where you can embrace an adventure in retirement.

If a rocking chair isn't what you had in mind—and you don't much like the idea of working into your 80s—then take a look at some of the good-value options you have overseas today…

Laid-Back Lakeside Living…

In 7 Great Retirement Towns You've Never Heard of… Where You Can Live Better for Less we'll tell you about a lakeside community where the weather is heavenly year-round. With average highs in the 70's, it's perfect for an active lifestyle.

Here you can fish, sail, kayak, canoe…or just enjoy the world-class views over the water to the mountains beyond.

If this lake were in the U.S. or Canada, it could be hard to get a place in line at docks, lakefront restaurants and bars any day of the week. But here it's yours to enjoy. You can relax, take a boat out if the urge strikes…

Along the lake shore a few minutes from the town center there's a well-established gated community planted with hundreds of fruit trees. There's a yacht club there, too… and an enormous community garden. And you can own a lot in this oasis for just $75,000…

A comfortable, three-bedroom, 3-bath house here with spectacular lake views could be yours for just $159,000.

A Cosmopolitan Escape

Now a rural retreat isn't everybody's idea of a dream retirement, I realize. But rest assured: If you're a person who likes to have access to world-class entertainment—from opera sensations to international ballet companies to jazz impresarios—you'll find something you like in 7 Great Retirement Towns You've Never Heard of… Where You Can Live Better for Less.

There's a place where so many restaurants exist you couldn't eat in all of them if you went out every day for two years. It's a world-class destination that in-the-know celebrities like Michael Douglas, Angelina Jolie, and Martha Stewart visit. But chances are, you've never given it more than a passing thought—if that.

Your low-cost cosmopolitan escape
Living in this cosmopolitan escape costs a fraction of what it would to live in New York or Chicago.

Yet this is a first-class, cosmopolitan destination. The medical care is top notch…you can get anything you need, from computer parts to bagels…and living here costs a small fraction of what it would to live in New York or Chicago.

For instance, instead of the hundreds—even thousands—of dollars you're used to spending on property tax and such, in this place, you could trim that burden back to nearly nothing.

You see, qualifying properties come with a tax exemption of up to 20 years. So if you wanted to buy a retirement retreat, you could do it—and save big.

And property itself is remarkably affordable. There's a two-bedroom, two-bath apartment right in the thick of things on a high floor with a water view from the balcony and with a pool, gym, and 24-hour doorman in the building. It comes with all the appliances and with a parking space, too—for just $185,000.

Now you may never have considered a retirement abroad before. And to be sure: It's not a good fit for everyone. But I hope you see my point: In the right places, it's like getting a raise…lower taxes…lower cost of living…and a higher quality of life…

And you have more choice than ever overseas…

A Warm Community with a Slow Pace of Life

Warm Mediterranean town
In this relaxed, warm Mediterranean town, a couple could live very comfortably for $2,000 a month, housing included.

In 7 Great Retirement Towns You've Never Heard of… Where You Can Live Better for Less we point you to a place Ernest Hemingway loved for the bull fights and the fishing…a place where the pace of life is slow and attention is paid to the ceremony of food and wine.

In the warm community I have in mind, you can gain a mild, Mediterranean climate, urban beaches, plenty of culture, and a large historic center to wander around. A great swath of greenway runs from northwest to southeast, in a long curve right through the middle of the city, all the way to the sea.

Renovated two-bedroom apartments here will start in the mid-$100,000s to mid-$200,000s, depending on which part of town you prefer. Similar apartments for rent start at about $800 to $850 a month.

And in this town, a couple could live very comfortably for $2,000 a month, housing included. (In the States that would be a prescription for a pretty frugal existence, but in this special place…you could easily trade up in retirement.)

Exotic Island Living… for Less

And your options don't end there. In another destination we tell you about in 7 Great Retirement Towns You've Never Heard of… Where You Can Live Better for Less, you can expect to slash your expenses by about three-fourths. That's right. If you're used to spending $1 on something back home, figure about 25 cents here.

You'll keep all that extra money in your pocket…yet you won't sacrifice anything when it comes to your quality of life. The weather is great, the beaches are perfect, and there's a lot to do—from sailing to diving to museums and concerts.

This is a place with a truly international population…and people speak English so it's easy to fit in. At home these days, you hear folks say that their health-insurance payment is their biggest expense each month. But in this town I'm talking about…you can secure top-of-the-line health- insurance for less than $2,000 a year. Not a month…a year…and you have your choice of several truly world-class medical facilities.

This is a place where you can rent a 1,000-square-foot apartment with sea views, a pool, tennis and squash courts, and a gym for as little as $500 a month. You can live comfortably here—in fact, downright luxuriously, for less than $2,000 a month.

Trade Up in Retirement… for Less than It Would Cost You to Stay Home

In the United States today, nest eggs are shrinking. Expenses for healthcare and day-to-day staples are on the rise. Social Security isn't likely to cover even the basics…let alone provide a cushion in retirement.

But the thing is…in the overseas destinations we'll tell you about in 7 Great Retirement Towns You've Never Heard of… Where You Can Live Better for Less—scattered from Latin America to Europe to Asia—you can make your dream retirement real.

Instead of downsizing…you can trade up. And banish all those worries about outliving your next egg.

You don't have to struggle in retirement.

Victor DiMonte embraced opportunity abroad, and today he's living well. A taxi driver from Florida, he didn't see how he could retire comfortably on a Social Security check of $965 a month. Yet overseas today he has a "million-dollar" mountain view out of his living room window.

He's in easy walking distance of shops, a bakery, butcher, lots of restaurants and cafes, even his dentist and doctor. He loves to see plays and go to concerts. He's retired comfortably, writing a novel…

Stephen Jones and his wife Laura went overseas, too. They'd worked hard all their lives, he in government jobs, she with her own dog-food business. But they were ready to relax and spend time sailing and surfing.

Only they couldn't see how they could ever do that on what savings they had.

Yet when they retired overseas, they effectively doubled their disposable income—and today they've got a place right on the Pacific Ocean, and Laura's out surfing almost every day. They have time to kick back, enjoy the sun, read, hike, swim, sail…live.

Tonya and Ron Milton did it, too—and it fundamentally changed the face of their retirement.

They had always been savers. They put away a little bit every month. And on paper, their portfolio was worth more than $1 million.

But when the bottom fell out of the economy, most of what they'd spent 20 years saving…evaporated.

They were left with less than a third of their nest egg. Then—to make matters worse—they both lost their jobs.

Here they'd done everything they were "supposed" to do. Yet on the cusp of retirement, they faced the prospect of finding work in a bad economy…and punching a time clock for another 20 years, at least…

But then they learned about the good-value options overseas…

And today they're living a retirement even better than the one they'd planned and saved for.

We feel safe, content now. Ron and I are still in our fifties. And even though a couple of years ago we didn't think we'd ever be able to live our retirement dreams, we're now doing exactly that…

We walk on the beach in the mornings, buy shrimp fresh off the fisherman's boat for lunch, drink cold beers on our balcony while we watch the sunset, and at night, the sound of the waves lulls me to sleep.

They have a condo overlooking the Pacific…and, when it gets hot, a cool-weather retreat up in the mountains they escape to. It's in a hamlet with cute cafes and great farmers markets.

Tonya says, "All we wanted was to be able to survive and be happy. I don't require much, but now I have all I could have ever hoped for."

In the Right Places Overseas… You Have Good Options for Safe, Comfortable, Affordable Living (Adventure Built-in)

In 7 Great Retirement Towns You've Never Heard of Where You Can Live Better for Less we'll pull back the curtain and introduce you to communities where you can embrace the retirement of your dreams…and do it for less than it would cost you to stay home.

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In the 1990s, we pointed readers to this kind of play again in Belize…and watched as the values soared. A reader who bought on the tropical, palm-lined island of Ambergris for $29,950 back then could sell for $125,000 today.

And we're still showcasing opportunities like that…

Like a window of opportunity along a postcard-perfect stretch of Pacific coast we've told readers about…where lush, green, virgin tropical forest rises from rocky crags and white-sand beaches. The weather and topography here are ideal…and you can grab a gorgeous condo overlooking the beach with high-end finishings and amenities—truly first class. And it won't cost you the $1 million plus you'd expect to pay. But just $88,000.

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As I've said here already: There's a lot of opportunity in the world…if you know the right places to look for it. Places where you can reduce your cost of living and pay less to live better…

But there are also places where, at the same time, property and income taxes are much lower than what you pay today…where you have greater latitude in the ways you can invest your own hard-earned money…where the government's role is quieter…

The very wealthy understand this.

But what you may not realize is that almost anybody—you included—could make use of these "millionaire strategies" to lower your own tax bill, live a richer life, invest for profit outside the dollar, and regain the kinds of freedoms we're seeing erode today in the States.

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Like how a second passport—completely above board—could allow you to both save on taxes and to live, work, and travel more freely abroad.

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Jackie Flynn

Jackie Flynn
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